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Promote your business, brand, or charity to Dorset families through digital and print!

Promoting your business or brand has never been easier than promoting with Dorset's Family Fest. With many choices to choose from with us, we have the right choices to promote YOU to families across Dorset which will make your business see amazing results throughout.

Advertise through clear advertising opportunities - website adverts, festival brochure and event bannering - with something to suit any size budget promoting yourself to over 1000s across our festival weekend. 

Website Advertising

Promote in a clear way!


Website advertising allows small businesses, large organisations, and charities to promote Dorset's families across our website.

Whether you are a new independent family business or a well-known local brand, our website advertising holds fantastic opportunities for all with festival attendees directed to our website before, during, and after our festival weekend.

We have three choices of advertising available on our website, which is long adverts:

  • 4-week advertising (Friday 10th May to Friday 7th June 2024) - £40.00 per advert

  • 8-week advertising (Friday 12th April to Friday 9th June 2023) - £60.00 per advert

  • 16-week advertising (Friday 16th February to Friday 7th June 2024) - £90.00 per advert

Adverts will be placed on the following website pages: home, tickets, camping, info, discover and FAQs.

As well as this, we also have the following square advertising spaces available on our website:

  • 4-week advertising (Friday 10th May to Friday 7th June 2024) - £60.00 per advert

  • 8-week advertising (Friday 12th April to Frida 7th June 2024) - £90.00 per advert

The square adverts will be available on all pages of our website, on mobile and desktop.

Event Banner Advertising


Short and sweet is the best form of advertising!


Promote yourself at the main entrance of our festival site, around the festival/car park fence perimeter, or within the festival site itself with our event banner spaces. Event banners will be seen all across the festival weekend (either visiting or passing) and are a cheerful way to promote your business or brand.

We have three choices available for promoting via event banners:

  • Main Entrance Advertising (seen by everyone entering the festival site across the festival weekend) at £100.00 per panel for the weekend (2m high x 3.5m wide)

  • Festival/Car Park Perimeter (seen by everyone parking within the car park for the weekend) at £70.00 per panel for the weekend (2m high x 3.5m wide)

  • Festival Site (placed at prime locations within the festival site for the best results) for the weekend at £50.00 per panel for the weekend (1.1m high x 2.3m wide)

We can collect your banners two weeks before our festival and drop them back to you the week after, or you can drop the banners off to us on the Friday before the festival. We will install them, free of charge.

Festival Brochure​


Simple as pie!


We provide each attendee with an event brochure that has the weekend's happenings for our festival providing the focal point to promote via the traditional printed format. Printed 1500 times, as well as being made available digitally on the website, you are guaranteed to be noticed by all within this piece of effective printed marketing.

We have the following advertising spaces available:

  • ​Full Page Advert (DL Size)

  • Half Page Advert

  • Square Advert

Please email us for further information and prices for festival brochure advertising.

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